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ORBS was a prominent restaurant in the South Wedge area of Rochester, NY. Since their opening, ORBS did not have an online presence to showcase their amazing food and quality customer service.


The website we created for the newly opened restaurant showcased the grandeur of the establishment by not only displaying the extensive food and drink menus, but we also leveraged our photography skills by developing a gallery of photographs to communicate the ambiance of the restaurant to those visiting the site. Additionally, we always care about the end-user experience and made sure that the site was easy to navigate, encouraged additional menu access with the option to download a printable version and we created a place on the website where the owners can take control and share their daily specials.


By utilizing our photography skills as well as our understanding of graphic design and web development, we not only developed a website that was athletically pleasing, but we created a website that was easy for the end user to download daily specials and for our client to update their menu daily.