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HUE Salons was a new business looking to establish themselves in the salon industry. They needed unique and customized branding to differentiate their business, drive sales and establish a solid client base.


We created a new branding image for Hue Salons which was executed throughout their collateral including logo, website, commercials, music production, radio spots, and social media page creation. Additionally, we also designed their business cards, brochures and other print and online collateral to complete their newly branded image. Dream Media Designs places a huge emphasis on collaborating with our clients to ensure that we are delivering what is needed for their respective visions and goals. This comprehensive and proactive branding approach helped to give Hue Salons a competitive advantage by separating them from the rest of the salon market.


Hello Friend Guerrilla Marketing strategy to entice viewers.



Be bold. Be beautiful. Be a member. Brochures make it easy for you to communicate with your customers.